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6 Easy Ways to Prepare for your Home Inspection

1. Make sure all the lights are functional. It's as simple as changing a light bulb! This includes the exterior lights.

2. Make sure all the smoke detectors have fresh batteries and they are functional. State law also requires carbon monoxide detectors in the hallways outside of bedrooms. It's a very complicated test, so pay attention: There's a little button to push until the alarm sounds. Done!!!

3. Make sure your hot water heater is properly strapped. The straps must be "seismic" straps and are available at any hardware store. One strap must be on the top third of the heater and one on the bottom third. Current laws also state that the water heater must be braced, which basically means that the unit shouldn't "rock."

4. Make sure all the windows open and close without a herculean effort and that every window has a screen – also, cleaning the window and screens would be nice!

5. Look under your sinks and behind your washer/dryer. Then look for signs of mold. It's far better for you to find it before the home inspector does. Then you get to deal with it, and not the buyers. If the home inspector sees it, the buyers could insist on having a certified hygienist test it and an expensive remediation could be in your future.

6. Change your furnace filter if it's dirty. You will find this at a "return air" grill somewhere in your home. Many of these are installed in your hallway. The air filter could also be installed at the furnace. If you are uncomfortable in doing this, call your favorite HVAC contractor to come and inspect/service the unit. This is even better when it comes to the inspection because you have preempted whatever the home inspector has to say about the furnace.

Tackle these six tasks before your home inspection and you may save yourself time and money!

Information provided by Cornerstone Inspection.